How To Work as Tour Guide Indonesia


Today the profession of tour guide Indonesia is becoming more and more promising as tourism business is growing rapidly in some areas. Tour guide Indonesia receive several advantages. First is Tour guide Indonesian fee or salary from the travel company he/she works for. Second is tips from tourists when they are satisfied with his /her service. Third is commission from art galleries in some areas. In Bali and Yogyakarta there are several art galleries that sell batik garment and handicraft like silver, leather and wood carvings. All of them give commission to tour guides Indonesia, tour guide Indonesia leaders and drivers who lead tourist to buy at their outlets. 
Then they can also enjoy food, drink and hotel for free during tours. Besides financial rewards they may have opportunity to widen their social contacts which will lead to other business opportunity. So if you want to become tour guide Indonesia, here are the tips.                                          (Adapted from Bbudoyono blog)

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